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About Hearts of Grace

This husband and wife team sang together for over 20 years. Whether Floyd was preaching or singing with Christine, you knew without a doubt that they loved each other and the Lord. You could definitely feel the presence of the Spirit in their songs and testimonies of what God did in their lives. Floyd was a very talented songwriter having written well over 200 southern gospel songs and recorded several of these on their CD projects.

Vonnie Behrend had recently joined Hearts of Grace. She ministered in various settings such as youth and ladies conferences, churches, camp meetings, concert halls and has written a book called Reflections. She served many years in the mission field of Alaska and lives in Lake Jackson, Texas.

Hearts of Grace believed in the soon coming Savior, Jesus Christ. They believed in the salvation of the lost and also the encouragement of those who “plow the fields for harvest everyday” - those who plant and those who water. Their ministry purpose was to bless folks and pray that the Lord would supply the increase. 

Please keep Christine in your prayers as she goes forth serving the Lord yet missing her precious husband immensely! May God richly bless each of you. 

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